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Training: Art 4 coaches

One image can replace 1000 words

Visual art for trainers, coaches and consultants.

Apply visual art to start a Creation Processes in your work.

Training on demand

There is an increasing need to develop artistic skills today. Rational intellect alone is neither capable of ruling individual lives nor organisations or societies. This can be readily observed. The human being wants to be approached in his wholeness, including his feelings and his individuality. That can lead to wisdom. The real inspiration and intuition do not come out of the mind but out of the body’s energetic constitution. Let the body express what the future is waiting for.
This also applies to organisations. Mere rational or empirical structures are not always efficient and they leave less space for human processes and for intuition.
Working with visual arts is a perfect medium to approach people and organisations in their wholeness. It helps to stimulate thinking synthetically to improve insight in situations. It also helps to develop empathy for one’s surrounding and it helps to find the right deed for the right moment.

The artistic way is considered as a process of transformation that works on the energetic layers of human beings and groups. Transformation is seen as a natural process that works with the same forces as nature does. Creation processes generate their own energy so that you and your environment are nourished. Old and rigid forms are rejuvenated.


What we try to achieve with this training, is to awaken or to strengthen the artist in you so that he/she can be a more active presence in your life. You will develop skills and practical techniques to apply in your work.

Concretely you learn:

· a variety of visual art exercises for observation and self-observation(reflection), for flow and movement, for working with resistances, for self-knowledge, for creative expression, for working on group processes, for result oriented cooperation, …
· how to observe and interpret art works on different levels
· how creation processes work in a natural way
· to improve your understanding of your own individual approach by working on your own blockages
· to develop your own art exercises

For whom?

For experienced trainers, coaches and consultants who want to extend their possibilities with more intuitive methods. You do not need to be skilled in visual art techniques, although some experience is welcome.

Possible blocks – These blocks can be adapted according to the needs

Block 1 – The artist way
• the creation process, what is it?
• flow, awakening the energy of creation
• finding direction and working with resistances
• individualisation, what is your own path

Block 2 – Application of block 1
• the process of creation, how to apply it?
• how to support learning processes
• methods for working on blockages
• methods for finding the individual path

Block 3 – group work
• group processes, what is it?
• the energetic field of groups
• the encounter
• transformation on group level

Block 4 – application of block 3 on group work
• how to make the energetic field of groups visible? Clay figure constellations.
• techniques for transformation on group level, group projects
• techniques for encounter
• working with the group being – karmic groups