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For Whom?

art 4 coaching

For whom?  

Companies, organisations, teams, groups that search for:

  • wisdom beyond rationality
  • wholeness in relation to others, wholeness with life and nature
  • playful ways to deal with cooperation
  • more participative forms of leadership
  • an intuitive approach to work out of the emerging future

Clients we worked with in the past

De Landwijzer
Fachausbildung für biologisch-dynamische Landwirtschaft in Zwitserland
KATHO, Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen
NALM – New Adult Learning Movement
Coaching of 2 yougsters during a 3-monthly footwalk from Prague to Odessa, leaving a trace of art behind, organised by Oikoten
Lohrangrin school in Wilrijk
Alternatief vzw, Hasselt
Middelbare Rudolf Steinerschool Vlaanderen, vestiging Leuven (ASO)
Middelbare Rudolf Steinerschool Vlaanderen, vestiging Lier (ASO)
De Kleine Wereldburger in Antwerp
De Federatie voor Steinerscholen Vlaanderen
BIG vzw
Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp
SPK Turnhout
De Es Berchem
EduArta Antwerp