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What and why?


Working with visual arts is a very efficient way to introduce processes of transition. You avoid endless talking with help of a non-verbal medium. One image can replace 1000 words. Process time is often halved.

  • You become creative in a practical and playful way.
  • In working with art you learn to know each other in a different way. It is very beneficial for cooperation.
  • It is a perfect way to revitalize and to destress. You immediately benefit from it.
  • What you discover via art techniques is easy to apply in daily life. Thinking and doing go hand in hand.

What do we support concretely?

  • personal development of individuals inside the company
  • the enhancement of mood and cooperation
  • shared leadership in teams
  • conflict management
  • learning, creation and transformation processes in the organisation


We offer trainings for facilitators. The workshops can also be integrated into existing trainings.