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can renew organizational and social fields !


art4coaching karma
  • one image can replace 1000 words
  • to work on deeper layers
  • playfull and pracitical
  • learn to know each other in a different way
  • revitalize and destress
  • efficient


Kunstproject touw en takken
  • personal development of individuals
  • enhancement of cooperation
  • ways of leadership
  • conflict management
  • learning processes in the organisation
  • transformation and transition


art 4 coaching
  • with art techiques
  • with clay figure constellation
  • with body sculpture
  • by deepening the observation
  • via converstation and encounter
  • by developing intuition

We live in a time of transition.

What has been does not work anymore and what’s new isn’t there yet.

The power of creation processes can transform lives and systems from within by appealing to their inner forces.


Jaak Hillen


Jaak Hillen is living as a free artist and specialized in creative processes. He discovered in his career that the force of the creative process can change lives. He organizes workshops and courses and participates in several trainings in Europe to work with creativity and people.

He is born in 1959, studied curative education in the ‘IPSOC’ in Kortrijk and in Zeist (Netherlands). After that he studied sculpture in the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences (Germany), in the KASK in Gent and in the HISK in Antwerp. In 2001 he did a three months training in ‘Adult Education’ with Coenraad van Houten. Since 2002 he became co worker and trainer in the NALM before he grounded

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